Ready, Fire…Aim! New Resolution Advice

After 14 years working with individuals who are aiming to get into shape and improve their health and fitness, this is probably the best piece of advice i can give anybody about to take on a New year health kick.

And NO………you havnt read the the title wrong and its not a typing mistake.

This re-worded phrase can probably help people avoid the most common mistake i see people make after they decide they want to make a change. This error is to wait until all of “the ducks” are in line and everything is in place like you have been waiting for. Sound familiar?

SORRY!! this is not going to happen.

At this stage i think i have heard all of the excuses such as:

‘I will when the time is right’ when do you think will be right??

‘i dont have the time right now’ ………you have the same hours in your day as everybody else

”i’ll loose some weight first before i go back to the gym’……..really??

I want to get my eating right before i start my exercise’……….Why??

‘I dont like weights’ ‘i dont like running’ ‘i dont like crowds’………then do something else.

Simply put,

Not even the fittest people out there have a flawless training plan, don’t have bad eating days or go without days where they just ‘dont feel like’ doing it.

What is important is that we DO START. Wether it is simply to walk a little more today or to add some small jogs within your walk, try an exercise class to see what you think or try some resistance exercises,,,,,Just start somewhere without overthinking it.

You can plan your progression  after  you see how your first few days go and when you see what is really achievable. From here simply do a little bit more and beyond this then you can start looking into what fine tuning might help your progress.

In terms of your diet. Make one good decision today about what you take into your body and maybe the same tomorrow. then the next day maybe make 2 good decisions and guess what………… are now eating healthier than you were last week. Now just keep going until you feel you want to go into more detail and progress even more with some help.

Bottom Line – Lets NOT overthink it!

So as the heading states dont waste your time aiming & aiming & aiming & doing nothing.

Just Fire, go for it and improve your aim as you go.


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